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New Construction

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Most of our business falls into this category.  This involves removing the existing layer(s) of material and installing a new product. This can range from Fiberglass Laminated shingles, Metal panels, Cedar shakes or shingles or 2 ply membrane system for Flat roofs.  In fact, Phil is now re-roofing homes he originally roofed himself 20 years ago. See our “Do I Need a New Roof” page to identify if your roof needs replacement. 

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New Construction

Each year we do many 'new construction' Roofing jobs.  Many of our repeat clients are builders themselves.  We know what to expect in terms of project timing and trade coordination on new construction sites. 


Sklight Installation

Looking to bring more natural light into your home? we install skylights all the time.  Skylights are usually installed when the roof is being replaced, but also on existing roofs.  We work with a team of professionals from framers, drywallers, and painters that can complete the "inside" work and make your new skylight a painless and simple process. 

Climbing a Ladder


 If you find yourself with a leaking roof, give us a call.  More often than not we are able to pinpoint the problem upon inspection.  There are times where a repair can prolong the life of your roof and squeeze a bit more longevity out of it.  There are also times where repairing a roof that's gone beyond it's life is a waste of money and will only provide very temporary relief.  Phil will be happy to assess a leaking roof and let you know what stage your roof is at, and whether repair is a viable option.  Phil will provide you an honest evaluation and not recommend replacement unless it's necessary.  

Service safety amid the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic 

Phil Smith Roofing is in guidance with all Worskafe BC returning to safe operations phase 3&4 protocol. Our employees health is logged and reported rigorously, and all trucks & equipment is sanitized by DISINFX Disinfection Co. local microbial disinfectant fogging company, on a recurring treatment plan. DISINFX Disinfection Co. neutralizes both surface and airborne bacteria to a 99.9% efficacy utilising microbial fogging hardware. Check out their service page, and contact them for your complimentary, nonobligatory quotation.